Comic Essay #1: Suicides in India

The study carried out between 2010 and 2013 in India
7968 autopsies conducted.
  • Married victims contributed to 70.45% of cases.
  • Domestic cases were the most common for self-suspension.
  • Women were the most common victims in these cases.
  • The least common ligature was waist belt.
  • The major age group involved was 31–40 years old contributing to 50.76%
  • The least affected were children less than 10.
  • No cases above the age of 60 were reported.
  • The majority of the victims, 59.09% belonged to low socioeconomic class.


  • Regional socioeconomic + cultural + economic state + health factors play important role in suicidal hanging — especially amongst married people.
  • Relationship crises, financial worries, career issues, and work stress also contributed to the cause.
  • Similar studies done in other parts of the world yielded similar results (with minor anomalies).

Citation: Rao, Dinesh. (2015). An autopsy study of death due to Suicidal Hanging — 264 cases. Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences. 20. 10.1016/j.ejfs.2015.01.004.

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